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I Save US$3 A Day By Drinking Free Office Coffee

by The Simple Sum | 20 May 2024 | 2 mins read

For my work-in-office days, I spare no expense in making sure I get my free coffee from the office pantry.

It’s just a way for me to feel better and “reward” myself for coming to the office to work. It’s a part of the office perks.

The office coffee also helps me save time as I don’t need to head out to queue and buy my cuppa.

In my area, it costs US$3 per cup and I usually have one cup every workday. This costs me US$15 a week, or US$60 a month. I can potentially save US$720 a year!


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How To Have More Money

Because of this, I even stopped drinking my morning coffee at home and waited until I reached the workplace before I got my caffeine fix.

Some people may think that I am a cheapo, but I don’t care. I know I am able to save more money in my savings account!

These small purchases do add up and over time they become more and more expensive. I am glad to have avoided this lifestyle trap.

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