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I Am A Hoarder And I Contributed To Inflation

by The Simple Sum | 29 Apr 2024 | 2 mins read

When the market is uncertain, I tend to resort to panic buying. 

During the pandemic, I thought that supply would be so affected, so I just hoarded so much foodstuff. Recently there have been uncertainties in the market and I also end up hoarding stuff again. 

I bought food that I don’t usually eat or use in my cooking and I ended up with so many unused items. The fear of the unknown drove me to buy and hoard without thinking or planning. That resulted in a lot of waste. 

When I finally decided to clean out the expired food stuff from the pantry, I was overwhelmed by guilt of throwing away so much food. Every week, I had to clear perishable food that had gone bad. It was almost a weekly affair of buy and throw.  


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Today I still find expired and dry and canned food in the pantry that has expired because I hoarded them years ago. 

Because of my hoarding, I honestly think I contributed to the unreasonable rise of food essentials prices. Imagine if everyone did the same as me. 

I have been trying to be more mindful with my shopping. For example, I rely on a shopping list and only buy things that I need and not be distracted by “things that may run out”.  

It is a real struggle.

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